Earth Day Texas 2016

During the past few weeks, you’ve likely heard some chatter about Earth Day. First celebrated in 1970, Earth Day this year was marked by the signing of the Paris Agreement. On April 22, 175 countries committed to decrease the use of fossil fuels in an effort to reduce emissions and their effect on our global environment.

With environmental responsibility and renewable energy being such hot topics lately, Team Solari set out to Earth Day Texas in Dallas to introduce Solari to the great state and engage in some deeper conversations about solar energy and clean cooking.

Howdy, y’all!

Project Solari is well travelled, having exhibited at conferences in Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, and Hong Kong. With the recent founding of Project Solari Co. in Texas, we thought that Earth Day was the perfect time to introduce Solari to the company’s home state. And we received a warm, southern welcome!

Throughout the weekend, we met hundreds of folks interested in solar cooking and gained valuable feedback on the purpose and functionality of Solari.

Cooking with the Sun

The variety of interest groups comprising the crowd did not disappoint. Campers and backpackers were most impressed by the portability of Solari. Picnickers and sunbathers liked the idea of leisurely cooking a meal while enjoying some sunshine. We even met some doomsday “preppers” most interested in the fuel-free utility of Solari. Not surprisingly, we also found a good number of chefs who know the high temperatures of a Texas kitchen with the oven on during summer. Even if they weren’t interested in staying outside to cook, they were certainly interested in cooking outside. Independent of personal activities, it seemed everyone had a common interest in solar cooking.

Advanced Technology

A few features really struck the folks we spoke with.
Solari’s insulation provides for a more consistent heat than other solar cooking methods, meaning the temperature is less volatile due to intermittent cloud cover. The need for pure, undiluted sunlight has classically challenged solar cooks. While Solari does require sunlight, especially to warm fully, people were excited by the idea that one passing cloud won’t rain on their parade.

People loved the app! The ability to view the temperature of Solari on your iPhone was a huge hit. Beyond the bluetooth thermometer, people appreciated the weather data integration that would display area conditions and provide a forecast with a Solari cookout in mind.

Overall, we received fantastic feedback, both positive and constructive. Just in time for our anticipated summer launch, we’re working to incorporate as many updates as possible. With the input of the crowd, Solari will soon be better than ever!

Earth Day Texas 2016 Logo

Nice to have met everyone who passed by.
We hope to be back next year!