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Hi, this is Kevin and Bodin, co-founders of Project Solari. We are old college buds, designer and engineers, and avid outdoor chefs. For the past two years, we have been working together to create a product that embodies our shared vision of design for a brighter future.

After years building things to send to space, submerge in the sea, and save lives, Bodin and Kevin both felt that they could use their skills to create something that everyone could use. That’s why we are seeking your support for our namesake first product - Solari - The Fuel Free, Pollution Free, Portable outdoor cooker.

In 2015, After hearing about a project that Bodin was developing in sunny Italy, Kevin packed his bags to bring this new culinary device to the USA. In 2016, the founders started Project Solari Co to follow their dreams of turning an idea into a movement that can impact the world.  

Food lovers and nature enthusiasts foremost, Team Solari consists of award-winning designers, NASA engineers, inventors, artists, designers, and people from all walks of life and all over the globe who want to make a change. 

We have gone from idea to sketch, and model to prototype. All of this in an effort to build a company that makes its customers rich by providing products that make a lasting positive impact, and be a champion for non zero sum strategies. 

Project Solari CoFounders Bodin and Kevin.
Bodin and Kevin signature with Solari.


Along the way, we are very grateful to have the following supporters that have helped us with mentorship, funds and awards.


The Bigger Picture

daily cooking issue for 3 billion people

Though out our amazing journey around the world with Solari, many people we have met have told us that Solari would be great for developing countries. You are correct! Our ultimate goal is to promote the widespread use of solar cookers to replace polluting cookstoves that as much as 3 billion people are using today. As partners of Solar Cooker International and the UN Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves, we aim to make a difference.


We are currently seeking partners, investors, and talented individuals to join Team Solari in our journey to Design a Brighter Future. Complete the short information and reach out to us. You can also choose to receive our startup pitch deck and executive summary. You will receive an email from Team Solari shortly.

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