Land of the Rising Sun - Tokyo

Winter is here and it is the end of the tour season, but a last minute opportunity came up to head to Tokyo for the weekend and we took the opportunity to bring the Solari prototype to the land of the rising sun to visit some parks and gardens over there weather permitting. Known for its futuristic and high-tech vibe, Tokyo is an amazing city that is clean, orderly and safe. We headed to the Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden to see some real Japanese garden, and found an amazing and peaceful space in the middle of the bustling city.

The park features over 10,000 trees and 1,300 of them are cherry blossoms in 65 kind, ponds and a greenhouse.

The front door told me that picnicing was most welcome at the park, while open fires and loud noises were definitely not. People often come with their takeaway sushi and enjoy the gardens with friends. We arrived in chrysanthemum season (November) where special arrangements of the flowers were exhibited in the shrines and parks in the city. The same park hosts one of the most spectacular 'cherry blossom' in the spring - we can't wait for another opportunity to go again in the future.

On the way, we saw a lot of solar technology powering the lights, parking meter and found an interesting 'solar collector' lies in the park that powers the cafeteria next door really peaked our interest.

Winter is definitely here, as the park close at 4:30pm and it was dark already - time to head back, huddle down in the workshop until spring comes again.

Sayonara! See you next time!