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Food, Fun, and Sun

Enjoy delicious meals cooked outdoors with Solari. The Next-Generation Portable Solar Cooker. 



Solari Summer Picnic Tour

This summer here! That means we are on tour with Solari! Come picnic with us around the US to see how Solari works. Want us to drop by? Drop us a line. Follow us on social media to see where and what we are cooking around the globe. Click the map below for more details.

See Solari in Action


Enjoy delicious meals cooked outdoors with the energy of the sun! The Solari is a modern day solar cooker, designed for a pollution free, stress free, fuel free outdoor cooking experience.

What Can Solari Cook?

Whether you are a professional chef or a weekend cooker, the easy-to-use Solari has you covered - check out our Solari tested recipes for inspirations to impress your friends. Perfect for the park, beach, boat, camp, patio, or tailgate.

Team Solari

Learn more about Project Solari Co, the founders, and their vision. 

The vision of the Founders Project.


Born in Italy, developed around the world.


Latest updates and happenings.

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